The House is Shut Down

Shutdown_HouseOfRepresentativesAnd we Represent

No permission. No problem.

Together with JCHM IX in Tudela, Spain

Cooked and Raw

Ripo&Stohead_Cooked&RawI got Cooked while Stohead got Raw in the background on this wall in Berlin.
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hypergraphia flyer
Hypergraphia is a group show with new works by Heiko Zahlmann, Sowat, Stohead, Tilt, Vincent Abadie Hafez, Os+Fortes and myself. It opens on Thursday Sept. 19th, at 18h at BC Gallery, Libauer Strasse 14, Berlin.


Time Wastes For Nobody

This summer Pablo Aravena shot a film of SheOne and myself painting an abandoned ceramics factory near Barcelona. You’ll probably recognize a few of the pieces, now you get to see some more of the context.

My name in Zaragoza

Thanks to Matt W Moore for the paint and Festival Asalto for the good times.

Any Way You Cut It

montgat_anywayyoucutit The roofs, walls, and floors of this abandoned factory continue to collapse in on themselves as their support system is stripped away for scrap metal. I’ve seen guys spend hours cutting a single one of these support beams by hand and using homemade saws. I was told an entire beam like the ones in this photo might fetch around 10 euros and take someone all day to cut and transport.
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